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What additional hotel charges will I see when using Turning Point AV?

With Turning Point AV, you never have to worry about the most common hotel charges, such as power and load in/load out. Turning Point AV's proposals are all inclusive - the price quoted is the price you'll pay. There are no hidden costs or service charges. There will be no surprises with Turning Point AV.

Do I have the option of choosing an outside AV company for all of my events?

As a valued client you certainly have the right to choose the best audio visual company for your event. In fact, there are many benefits to choosing an outside AV company, such as competitive pricing, long-term partnerships, onsite technicians servicing only your event, and nationwide service. We recommend adding the following text to your venue contract to protect your right to choose:

Group reserves the right to utilize the supplier of its choice for services or rentals in the areas of audio visual, exhibit decorating, security, floral, transportation, tours, Internet connectivity service, etc. with no surcharge or other fees from the Meeting Facility or from its in-house supplier, whether such fees are part of the facility’s general operating policy or contained in a specific proposal or contract, whether they be published or unpublished. Group will not accept any charges directly tied to selection of a third party vendor, including, but not limited to, load in/load out fees, audio visual liaison fees, house sound patch fees or standard meeting room power fees. This clause supersedes any other clause, portion of any contract or general operating policy of the facility.

Am I charged for using house sound?

No. Turning Point AV supplies external speakers in all of your meeting rooms. This provides you with superior sound quality, as well as preventing any hotel charges for use of the house sound.

Does Turning Point AV charge for delivery and housing?

No. Turning Point AV picks up the tab for both delivery and housing for all your events throughout the continental US. Delivery and housing is always on us.

Does Turning Point AV charge overtime for labor?

No. Turning Point AV charges a flat, daily rate with no overtime or labor penalties. We arrive early and we don’t leave until the job is done, ensuring your 100% satisfaction.

Is Turning Point AV onsite during my event?

Absolutely! The benefit of using Turning Point AV is you get a team of expert technicians and customer service specialists at your side 24 hours a day for the length of your entire event. While in-house AV companies split their time between multiple events, our attention is only on you!

What if I need to make changes and add extra gear on-site?

Turning Point AV always brings along extra gear. If you need a microphone, projector, etc. last minute - no problem, we've got you covered. We know changes and additions are part of the job.

Does Turning Point AV coordinate with the venue?

Yes. Turning Point AV works closely with the venue to coordinate power needs, storage rooms, load in and load out times, set up and all other details that ensure a successful event. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with all venues, creating successful events no matter where we go.

Will Turning Point AV work with my budget?

Turning Point AV works to customize our prices to fit our clients' budgets. For our long term partners, we are able to lock in gear prices, year after year. This allows our clients to budget early in the planning process and avoid any surprises.

Does Turning Point AV provide set design and scenic elements?

Yes. In addition to supplying basic audio visual services, such as screens, microphones, projectors, speakers and lighting, Turning Point AV custom designs scenic and production elements that will set your meeting apart. From intelligent lighting and gobos to spandex pieces and hard sets, Turning Point AV provides it all.