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Turning Point AV, Inc. was born out a passion for technology, a dedication to the customer and the ability to provide the best gear and best service at the best price, nationwide. Our hospitality driven event production specialists and expert technicians will work closely with you to design an audio visual program that delivers your message and fits your budget. Utilizing the highest quality equipment and top-notch service, Turning Point AV ensures a seamless event from start to finish. With Turning Point AV on your team, you can sit back and relax – we deliver success every time.

Here's how we do it:

Professional Grade Equipment

Turning Point AV is constantly upgrading and growing our available gear inventory. We have the latest and greatest gear available to create unique audio visual programs. From basic projection, audio and lighting set-ups to elaborate set designs, Turning Point AV will deliver your message loud and clear.

Onsite Expert Technicians

Unlike in-house providers, our technicians don’t split their time between multiple events. We are at your side during your entire event – our focus is only on you. Our technicians are masters in everything AV. If you need it done, we can do it.

Fast Response Times

Changes and challenges happen. Turning Point AV’s expert technicians are onsite and on the spot, ready to jump in and smooth out any bump in the road. You will never have to search for our technicians – we are always just around the corner, ready to provide service with a smile.

Customer Service Gurus

AV is more than just gear and technicians. Our customer service gurus work with you from start to finish to understand your vision, to create an audio visual program that exceeds your expectations, and to ensure you are taken care of along the way. Your 100% satisfaction is our number one priority.

Unique events, unique budgets

We understand that your budget needs are as unique as your event. We listen to you and provide solutions that fit your needs and your bottom line.

Flat Rate Labor

We believe you shouldn’t pay more for perfection. Turning Point AV does not charge overtime for our AV staff. We are onsite, servicing your event from start to finish, arriving early and staying until the job is done, without any extra cost to you.

Affordable Upgrades

Turning Point AV’s competitive pricing allows room in the budget for our clients to elevate their program to the next level. Spandex set pieces, LCD podiums, custom gobos, digital signage, and specialty lighting are some of the common upgrades our clients enjoy, while still staying below their bottom line.

All Inclusive Quotes

You don’t like surprises and neither do we. Turning Point AV’s audio visual proposals are all inclusive – there are no hidden costs or service charges. Turning Point AV has many years of experience working with hotels and convention centers across the US. We work closely with the venue and include power and load in/load out fees in our proposals– the price we quote is the price you’ll pay.

Nationwide Service

We go where you go. With Turning Point AV as your nationwide AV provider, you’ll have the comfort of a single point of contact who understands your unique needs, no matter where your meetings take you.

Long-term Partnerships

Turning Point AV understands that best practices are built out of long term partnerships. We provide audio visual services for all your events, building on the successes, making recommendations, and improving the quality each and every time. You will have a single point of contact for everything AV - no more bidding out your events, explaining your AV needs to a new company, and hoping for success with a new team. With Turning Point AV you will know that you are getting the best AV services in the business – every time.

Locked in Gear Pricing

Turning Point AV offers multi-year contracts with locked-in gear pricing. No matter where your next meeting takes you, your gear pricing will remain the same, year after year. This removes the guess work when it comes to AV costs and allows you to budget years in advance, assured that all your AV needs are taken care of by people you know and trust.

Free Delivery and Housing

Turning Point AV picks up the tab for both delivery and housing for all your events throughout the continental US. Delivery and housing is always on us.

Extra Gear Onsite

We know that changes and additions are a part of the job. Turning Point AV always has extra gear onsite, ready to accommodate your last minute needs. If you need a microphone, projector, etc. - no problem, we've got you covered.

Creative Design Solutions

Turning Point AV’s creative team designs unique and colorful décor that make events sparkle. We utilize custom stage sets, LCD podiums, spandex fabrics, custom lighting and graphic design elements to turn your meeting into an unforgettable event. No matter what your budget, our team has a creative design solution that will make your stage shine.

Ready to experience the new way of doing AV?  Contact us  for an audio visual quote that will exceed your expectations at a cost you can afford.